Trusted Vendor Partners

Wedding/Event Planners:

recommended Wedding planners wilmington nc
Design A Dream, Jana Ingraham, 910-632-0844,, [email protected]
Honeysuckle Events, Rebecca Hoeckele, 910-599-2589,, [email protected]
Kickstand Events, Kate Matthies, 910-241-0399,, [email protected]
Megan Masser Events, Megan Masser, 910-880-0776,, [email protected]
Port City Event Planners, Heather Healy, 910-520-2947,, [email protected]



Active Entertainment, 910-232-5577, www.activedjentertainment.comrecommended wedding event dj wilmington nc
DJ Finesse, 910-381-2296, DJ Finesse Productions, [email protected]
DJ Patrick Moran, 910-833-4942,
DJ Mike Bills, Mike Bills, 843-296-9827,, [email protected]
Jay Maxwell’s Music by Request, Jay Maxwell, 843-832-3535,, [email protected]
Finger Snappin’ Entertainment, Burt Lawson, 843-345-1919,, [email protected]
Complete Music, Wayne Lee, 843-856-7177,, [email protected]
Joe Clarke Big Band, 843-277-0984,, [email protected]
John Quincy Productions, John Quincy, 843-557-3900,
Bob Williams Duo, 843-216-9982,, [email protected]
DJ Bill, Bill Nieschalk, 843-270-1655, Bill [email protected]


Anchored in Love, Kelly Edwards, 910-398-7498,, [email protected]
Blue Sky Photography, John Urban, 910-233-7420,, [email protected]recommended Wedding event photographers wilmington nc
Blueberry Creative, Austin & Adam, 310-776-6935,, [email protected]
Bryce Lafoon Photography, Bryce Lafoon, 910-880-5848,, [email protected]
Eric Boneske Photography, Eric Boneske, 910-431-4031,, [email protected]
Gene Ho Photography, Gene Ho, 843-626-3381,, [email protected]
KMI Photography, Kevin & Lauren Millard, 910-292-9551,
Lesley Veronika Photography, Lesley Frank, 845-532-5870,, [email protected]
Life Stage Films, Matt Davis, 910-632-9559,, [email protected]
The Story Creative, Theo Milo , [email protected]


Brooklyn Arts Center, Rich Leder, 910-538-2939,, [email protected]
Marker 137, Tilly Gurley, 910-523-5328,, [email protected]recommended event venues locations wilmington nc
River Landing, Kristin Roser, 910-271-0971,, [email protected]
Knot’s Landing OIB, 919-345-5544,
The Terraces at Sir Tyler, Kacin Mercer, 910-473-5550,, [email protected]
St. Thomas Preservation Hall, Deedy Vincent, 910-763-4054,, [email protected]
North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, Keely Heron, 910-458-8257,, [email protected]
128 South, 910-399-1709,, [email protected]
Events at Watermark, 910-794-5259,, Chris Gore [email protected] and Tina [email protected]
Riverwalk Landing, 910-343-0408,, Jodi Stine  [email protected]
Porter’s Neck Country Club, 910-686-8180 ext. 106,[email protected]

Tent & Party Rentals:

L&L Tent & Party Rentals, 910-791-4141,
Coastal Catering, 910-845-2516,, [email protected]
Bon Appetit Catering, 910-796-0520,, [email protected]

Florals & Design:

Designs by Amber Lanier, 910-616-0001,
Eco Chic Blossoms, 910-617-3864,, [email protected]

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