WUL Christmas Lights Installation Wilmington NC


We provide professional Christmas Holiday lighting for both residential and commercial locations.


Our pricing is competitive, contact us with your needs and we’ll be happy to quote you.

Remember to plan and inquire early as every job is custom tailored to your specific location, design, and needs and the holiday season quickly becomes busy!

Contact us early for Christmas Lights!


Are you thinking of a commercial Holiday Lighting for your home or business?…

If you’re thinking of dressing up your business in Christmas lights, it can pay off quite well with creating a festive atmosphere for your clients/customers and improving employee morale, and even reduce your business being targeted by criminals.

A successful holiday lighting plan requires the four P’s:  a plan, power, preparation and placement and results in profit.  We can handle all of those for you!


  • An iconic Christmas must have
  • Realistic looking Christmas trees
  • Lit with high quality LED lights
  • Sizes ranging from 5 feet – 100 feet

One of the best ways to decorate a commercial building for Christmas is to install a simple yet elegant outline of C9 lights. It’s straight forward but packs a clean and potent visual punch.

Our high-quality lights allow for both custom spacing lengths and heights as well as quality LED’s which are cool and energy efficient. Meteor or Animated Snowfall Tube Lights look great in trees and add a wow factor to any Christmas design.  They will add the perfect finishing touch to your display. It’s a great way to ensure that your display absolutely delights friends, family, and sightseeing passers-by. And that, after all, is what Christmas decorations are all about.

Make a statement that’s as big as your building with the proper size wreath or bows that come in a variety of options and designs.  We can get the size and look that will suit your needs.

48in wreath

Decorative displays attract attention and highlight your monument signs and entrances!

sign enhancer bow sign enhancer flying reindeer sign enhancer snowburst

Icicle Lights are the ideal light set for outlining the roof of a home or business.  Come in various styles and colors.