Some Commonly Asked Questions

What makes your uplighting unique?

We offer LED lighting, which stay cool to the touch while providing the same look as halogen lights but more safely. The use of LED lights also provide us the ability to just connect the lights to each other, eliminating the need to find numerous power outlets throughout the room.

How does your uplighting pricing work?

Our prices are based on the size of the room. We offer several different packages to choose from.

  1. one wall highlight
  2. small (rooms holding up to 100 people)
  3. standard (rooms holding up to 250 people). In doing so we can use as many lights as needed to achieve your desired look.

For an event or wedding larger than 250 we will be happy to offer a customized quote.

What colors can I choose?

Our basic colors are red, blue, green, purple, pink and amber however, we can create many different custom colors using our uplights. All you need to do is tell us what color you want, and we’ll make sure to provide the color you envision. We can also meet with you to show you the color we’ll be using to ensure the color match.

What types of lighting are available?

Some of the lighting we provide:

  • Full Room Uplighting
  • Cafe/Edison/String Lighting
  • Custom Gobo/Monogram Lighting
  • Cake/CenterPiece Pin Spotting
  • Dance Floor Wash
  • LED Globes for Indoor/Outdoor/Pool
  • Outdoor Tree Lighting
  • Under Table Lighting for Head or Sweetheart Tables
    & More