Wedding Monogram and Wedding Logo Projections

New and exciting lighting options are always in our sights to offer our clients.  We offer the traditional monogram designs such as bride and groom’s name, date of wedding, and initials.  These are typically in a bright warm white light on a large wall surface or dance floor.  Nothing’s changed there but now we offer colors, new professional designs that can be customized for you, and even motion projections. Business and Corporate events as well. Many designs to choose from our selection by clicking here

Your wedding, made YOURS!

Digital projection monograms are the newest design using the latest projectors and look great.

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 Corporate, Business and Special Event Logo Projection

Make a great professional impression and increase awareness for your group gathering, business meeting or corporate event. Our static logo projections create a classic look while making an impression. Our motion logo designs add another level of beauty and elegance.

Our logo monogram color projection for event aboard the USS North Carolina Battleship in Wilmington, NC

Our logo monogram color projection after dark for event aboard the USS North Carolina Battleship in Wilmington, NC

“Hi Brad!

It was awesome. Everyone was taking pictures in front of it. Projecting on different colors did show but it kind of looked like it was a curve within the ship so no one minded. We just realized people across the river were able to see it too (not sure if they could see the details). So the spot, the size and how clear it projected was great.

Thanks for your service and for making sure it worked.”

Port City Salsa Splash

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